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It’s getting closer to St. Patrick’s Day and that means a day of celebration for those of Irish culture and those who observe the day. For many people, there isn’t much known about Irish culture or even the everyday life of those in Ireland, outside of what’s seen in the media and what’s portrayed in the floats in parades.

In North America, St Patrick’s day is typically celebrated with parades, pints and parties, yet there is so much more to this day that we should know. We’ve compiled a list of things everyone should know about St. Patrick’s day.

Not Irish? … No Problem

St.Patrick’s day, which is a celebration held each year on March 17 to celebrate the life of the patron saint of Ireland,  is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival. Of course those of Ireland descent who live in different countries across the world will be celebrating this day but there’s no restriction on who can observe the day.

The Deal with the Green ...Facts or Folklore?

Legend says that the Leprechaun (Irish fairy) can’t see you if you’re decked in green as he is known to pinch anyone he can see, (unless of course you’re camouflaged in green).

There’s also the reason that Ireland was known as the “Emerald Isle” because of its green countryside and with that name, the color green began taking over and replace Ireland’s original Blue…. Yes; believe it or not, we could have all been wearing blue this St.Patrick’s Day.

What do you mean St. Patrick wasn’t Irish?

St. Patrick taught Christianity to the Irish but he wasn’t born in Ireland. While some believe he was British/Roman, few make that as a sure claim. What is known however is that his parents were Roman citizens. St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in Ireland where he spent his days herding his master’s sheep, until he escaped 6 years later. Patrick recalls a vision where God told him of a ship that would be leaving which led him to freedom and after his return home and studied priesthood. St. Patrick returned to Ireland years later to preach the gospel and spread Christianity throughout the Island.

How did the drinking get involved?

There’s actually a few theories about this to be perfectly honest, one being that drinking is given up by many catholics but on St Patrick’s day they are allowed to feast in celebration of him and for that they go all out including with the drinking but here’s another story:

What’s being called ‘Pota Phadraig”  or ‘Patrick’s Pot’, comes from an old Irish legend that St. Patrick was served a glass of whiskey that was less than full and that he used this as an opportunity to teach generosity to the server. He told him a devil lived in his cellar and that the only way to get rid of it was to change his stingy ways. When St Patrick returned to the inn he found that the innkeeper was now filling the glasses, so in celebration of this we drink up!

Our Irish Vape Fam

You’re probably pretty aware of the vaping scene here in Canada and even in the USA but what’s going on with our friends in Ireland.

HIQA, Ireland’s Health Information and Quality Services is an organization dedicated to improving health and social care services in Ireland. They have acknowledged the success of E-Cigarettes in helping people quit smoking, noting that 29% of smokers in Ireland currently use e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking.

While others are hesitant to recommend using e-cigarettes because of its short term existence, HIQA’s backing may cause Ireland to move closer to recommending e-cigarettes to those wanting to quit smoking.

Even the smallest news of positivity for the vaping community is a win for us and that’s something we can all celebrate!

While vaping isn’t restricted by the Irish smoking ban, there may still be restrictions by managers or owners of public places so just check before you take out your E-cigarettes.

We’re looking forward to a great St Patrick’s day with overflowing cups, decking ourselves in green and our vaping devices of course!

The Vape Brands family wishes you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and until then, Happy Vaping!

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