Why Spring is about to be your Favorite Season

Why Spring is about to be your Favorite Season

Spring is near and that means brighter days, blooming flowers, warmer weather and Vape meets?

Yes! The CVE is almost here and we’re excited!

If you don’t know about it; the CVE stands for Canada’s Vape Expo and it is Canada’s largest Vape Trade Show. It is put together by Dash Vape and Vape Meet and is a huge space for Vape enthusiasts, manufacturers, distributors and pretty much the entire vaping public  to meet and share new ideas, gadgets and engage in a space 100% dedicated to Vaping.

What you can expect

Expect to sample some of your favorite E-Liquids or even flavors you haven’t tried yet!

Many distributors use the expo as a launch pad to introduce new lines and products and you’ll get the chance to see them and sample them before they even hit store shelves.

How about discounts created just for this event? Your favorite e-liquids at ridiculously discounted prices. Start filling your piggy bank to splurge on the liquids you normally don’t buy in store because of their high costs. Sales and promotions you probably won’t get again until the next CVE. Get lots of freebies and even some vape swag from your favorite lines; so much stuff to take home.

For distributors, it’s a chance to meet and introduce their products to even more Canadians; the CVE will be held in Edmonton and for those retailers who are Ontario-based, Alberta-based and others it gives them an opportunity to reach new customers. They’ll get to meet new retailers in the industry and sell their lines and you’ll have the chance to talk to the manufacturers of your favorite lines and start great relationships with your vaping family.

We’re talking advocacy

At the CVE it has always ranked priority to focus on advocacy for the cause; and this comes as no surprise. Although many ex-smokers credit vaping to being a major help for them to quit smoking, vaping is still seen by many as a negative thing.

At the Expo, you can expect speakers trained in the field of Harm reduction and quality standards to be speaking on topics that you’ve probably seen in the Media or heard from those against vaping. This doesn’t mean the CVE won’t be entertaining but as one of the goals of the expo is to promote education about the industry you can expect it to be equally informative.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes there is; How about a free starter kit and Juice? The ultimate Giveaway at Canada’s Vape Expo is here and it’s presented by Rope Cut. In an attempt to introduce more smokers to the Vape life and help them get started on a vaping journey of their very own, Rope Cut presents “Stomp those Butts” an initiative where every smoker can trade in their pack of smokes for a starter kit and free juice!  

We’re excited for Canada’s Vape Expo and you can definitely expect some fun stuff from Vape Brands International there this year as well. Come out in support for your favorites lines, products, free stuff, or just for the experience. We’ll see you there!

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  • Judy Chambers
    Judy Chambers

    Great stuff. Informative creative n interesting. Sounds like a cool idea n industry

  • wenchen

    very informative, what a great preview!

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