Are E-Cigs the Latest Fashion Trend? 0



For the professional vapers, the former smokers who credit the vaping industry and to everyone that takes vaping as a serious matter, you may be wondering if the people who call themselves vapers truly understand vaping the way you do?

While some may take the concept of vaping being a ‘trend’ as offensive, others may just be happy for the exposure of the industry. Let’s explore both sides:


Anti Trend:

There are so many testimonials about vaping from former smokers who have tried other popular methods to help them quit, such as the patch, nicotine gum and even counseling. Many people credit the vaping industry for their success with being able to quit. It allows them to get their nicotine fix without the use of cigarettes. With such an amazing outcome, you may be wondering why anyone would take it lightly.

While many people involved in the vaping industry are former smokers, there are still vapers who were not initial smokers but are still in love with the vaping community.

Pro Trend:

Vaping is not smoking, most wouldn’t even consider it a ‘substitute’ for smoking as there’s so much more to the vape industry and its culture. This is probably what draws in the non-smokers and makes it so appealing.

For those who aren’t smokers and have no inclination to vape nicotine, there are many E-Liquid lines with 0 mg nicotine levels. This means you can vape your favorite E-Liquid flavors without the unwanted nicotine.

Usually, as people get further into the vaping community/industry they quickly realize the benefits of vaping as opposed to just the ‘cloud chasing’ or the flavors. What they instead find is a community of vapers ready to welcome each person on their journey and willing to share their own lives with their fellow vapers.

So Much to Love about the Industry

There’s so much to learn and explore about the vaping industry. Once you start, there are so many E-Liquid lines to get started with and so many flavors to try out, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.  


Once a line is found, and one decides to represent this line as their E-Liquid provider and there’s the swag that comes with representing your line:

  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Bags
  • Stickers
  • Drip mats
  • Vape bands

So much to get excited about!

Cloud Competitions:

Turn your cloud gazing into cloud chasing! Once you've made yourself part of the vaping family, those clouds that you fell in love with seeing will get easier to do over time and once you’ve got it down, there are cloud competitions with major cash prizes you can get involved in.

The Vape Meets and vape expos:














Meeting with other vapers Meeting with people that have the same interests is always fun especially if you get to meet the creators of your favorite E-Liquid lines. These usually come with lots of freebies, whether it's food, juices, kits, or even getting to sample the newest liquid flavors.


Make it your own:

Lastly, let’s look at the customization. Once you feel pretty confident with vaping you’ll probably want to start customizing your mods to increase your cloud output and increase the flavor.

What’s the final point?

Vaping as a fashion trend simply means we’re getting our name out there as vapers. The more people representing the vape community means the more reach it’s getting in the public. This also means we have more people to fight with us for all of our vaping rights.

We’re all part of the vaping community; let’s continue to work together to show why we love to vape, how it’s helped us individually and help others one vape at a time, Until then, Happy Vaping!