#Girlswhovape - Women in the vaping industry and why we love them





International Women’s day is here; celebrated every year on March 8th to honor women and their accomplishments, specifically recognizing the strides made by women in their fight for equality, it's a day to reflect on not only the women in our lives but all women.

Let’s take a moment to recognize and understand the women in the vaping industry who bring their talents, skills, and passion to the vape scene to make it what it is today. These ladies are the biggest influencers, the most passionate advocates and of course the most beautiful vapers!

Maria Papaioannoy - Vaping advocacy - Vape Brands International

Maria Papaioannoy

President of E-Cig Flavorium and organizer for Toronto Vapers Rally, Maria is a huge figure in advocacy and definitely someone fighting for the rights of all vapers. She and her husband own the popularly known E-Cig Flavourium, downtown Toronto and she posts regularly on her facebook page as well as blogging on the E-Cig Flavourium website. Her passion for vaping, especially as an alternative to smoking for those actively seeking a way out, drives her to continue her fight for vapers' rights. She’s a special guest at this year's CVE in Edmonton so make sure you go say hi if you’re there! 













Sadie Chase 

Talking about women making strides no matter what field they’re in, let’s take a look at Sadie Chase. She is the originator of women’s vaping, owner of ‘Evaperated’ and maker of E-Liquids. Sadie is very interactive on her website, especially to those who are new to vaping and not sure what to do and even more active on her facebook page. She can usually be found answering questions and offering helpful advice to those that follow her. She uses her platforms to advocate for vapers and challenges the common false notions
of the vape industry.  











If you're a vaper following many accounts on Instagram and you’re not following @___JustPeachyy you need to. She has almost 87K followers and her posts are amazing. She also does some really cool vape tricks.





@mekaylavapes is a lifestyle photographer and her vape skills are just as great as her shots. If you’re into clean sharp images that will have you dreaming of your next flavor; add her and thank us later.


Althea Salamin

Althea is a vape photographer with almost 12,000 followers on Instagram; not only are her photography skills A1 but her edits are just as amazing. So much talent from this vaper and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.




Rose Thompson


Rose is a great advocate in the vape industry. Add that to being a nurse and mother, she fights against the unfair industry vape regulations in and around Ontario. She also runs a popular Facebook group called 'Vape Tricks and Dipshits' with almost 5,000 members, where the group members share their thoughts, vaping advice and of course, their vape tricks.  




There are so many women actively on the vape scene; whether they’re mixing the next best E-liquids, advocating, packaging, photographing or simply vaping; they are the ones who carry this industry and we really appreciate them all.

Happy International Women’s Day and until next time, Happy Vaping!

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