Known for their distinguished flavors, the makers of for Fu Man Brews have combined the flavor of Turkish tobacco with vanillas, bourbon, and toasted almonds to create Charles Dinsmore.  

For those looking to go the extra mile, the Dinsmore Reserve is the original Charles Dinsmore E-liquid double casked in French oak and American white oak, with subtle hints of pastries and coconut for a vape experience like no other. 

The Legend 
Washed up on the southern shores of Japan, Charles Dinsmore - a British importer/exporter - survived his journey by trading his secrets of Turkish Tobacco with the locals for the secret fishing and farming techniques used by pre-war Okinawa townsfolk.
The village and Dinsmore celebrated the trade with vanilla bourbons and toasted almonds into the wee hours of dawn.

Charles Dinsmore

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