About Malt E-Liquid

Malt is a Canadian e-liquid line that was founded in Dundus, Ontario. Based on an authentic malted vanilla milkshake recipe, Malt e-juice manages to keep a perfect balance of sweet and creamy. This e-liquid line is for those who enjoy vaping complex e-juice flavours with soft undertones. 

History of malted milkshakes

Usually simply called "malt" a malted milkshake is a regular milkshake with some malted powder added to it. A sign of a good quality for malted milkshakes is their thickness. Malted Milkshakes were a blast in America of 1930s: first invented to serve as a nutrition for infants, they soon became extremely popular simply because of the fact they tasted so good.   


Malt is dedicated to bring the lost art of malted milkshakes in a form of E-Liquid. 


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